Girlfriend Forces to Exchange Social Media Passwords, Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Need To Reject It!


When in a relationship, especially with someone we really like, it can be very fun. Not infrequently, because we are so happy, we want to do anything to give him anything. One of the things that couples are often required to have is social media passwords.

There are still many assumptions if this is a small and very simple thing to have. In fact, forcing the exchange of social media passwords is considered violence in relationships, you know! Because of this, there is nothing wrong if you firmly reject the request.

For those of you who are experiencing it, here are the reasons why you need to refuse when your boyfriend forces you to exchange social media. Read more here!

1. Loss of Privacy

Everyone needs privacy. When you finally let go of giving your social media password to your partner, then at that moment you will lose privacy. It's simple, but it's also important for you to have your own free space without being interfered with by anyone!

2. Not Evidence of Mutual Trust

The exchange of social media with a boyfriend is not proof of mutual trust. In fact, this can be evidence that your partner does not fully trust you.

Because if he really believes, then he will not force you and will always want to know from yourself instead of finding out for yourself,

3. No Other People's Privacy When Communicating With You

It's called communication, of course it's not only done by you and your partner, right? In our daily life we ​​often communicate with many people. So when you give a social media password to your partner, there is no longer any privacy for other people when communicating with you.

For example, friends confide in you via social media. At that time, he just wanted you to know and not share it with others. But when you give your social media password to your girlfriend, she will know it's not related to the content of the complaint, right? This is when other people no longer have privacy when communicating with you!

4. Can be used as a source of problems

Social media is also often used as a source of problems by many people. From a lot of communication on social media this can make him jealous and become a source of trouble. So what is safe is not to give it the privacy key that you have.

If he really loves you then there is no need to bother exchanging social media. He should believe everything that you can tell yourself without needing to find out for yourself.

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