Gaslighting is not only done by couples, be careful, friends can do it too!

 Having healthy friendships certainly makes you comfortable and feels good when spending time with friends. But this does not apply when you meet a toxic circle of friends. One of them is having fake friends.

The behavior of fake friends that is currently being hotly discussed is gaslighting. Not only couples, it turns out that friends can do it too, you know. This gaslighting behavior can take the form of manipulation or even controlling you unconsciously.

So what are the characteristics of a gaslighter friend and how do you deal with them? Check out the answer in the following article!

Recognizing Gaslighting Behavior

Have you ever been familiar with the term gaslighting or gaslighter before? Gasligting can be interpreted as behavior, while gaslighter is the culprit.

Quoting from Cosmopolitan UK, a representative for Solace Women's Aid revealed that gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse that involves a person's psychology to cause them to doubt their own minds or even the reality of what is happening.

This behavior can not only be done by couples, you know. But it can also be family, relatives, and even friends. It doesn't stop to manipulate, at a certain stage this gaslighter can take over control of you. Like a toxic friend, when he has gaslighting behavior, it can be troublesome and even make you uncomfortable.

To be more vigilant, let's find out more about the characteristics of gaslighter friends!

Signs of Gaslighter Friend Behavior

A friend who behaves gaslighting tends to manipulate and take control of you, but often he doesn't even realize it. Quoting from Refinery29, one of the characteristics of gaslighter friends is that they like to lie.

Friends with gaslighting behavior may be able to provide information about other people that makes you feel bad or makes your relationship worse. However, that information is not necessarily true.

It doesn't stop there, lies told by a gaslighter can also occur over a long period of time and are done intentionally to change your perception. This habit that occurs continuously is what makes you sometimes don't believe the perception that is in your own mind.

Having a gaslighter friend turned out to be quite a hassle, right? So that you can deal with it, check out the following method!

Tips for Dealing with Friends Who Do Gaslighting

Not only makes your heart uncomfortable, there are various other bad influences that you can experience when dealing with friends who have gaslighter traits. There are ways you can do to deal with such friends. Launching from Very Well Mind, the first step you can take is to stay away from them.

The circle of friends who like gaslighting can also be categorized as toxic. In order not to give a bad influence, you can stay away from them. When this moment occurs, make sure you study what changes are happening inside of you. If you feel better and actually happier, you can also consider getting out of the circle of friends with them.

Then don't hesitate to share what you're going through with someone you trust. Like family, spouse, relatives, or other friends who are considered able to give you another perspective so you can see all situations more clearly.

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