Feeling Away from Friends Due to the Pandemic? Try these 3 Tips to Strengthen Friendship

 The appeal to keep a distance during the COVID-19 pandemic should only apply physically. But not infrequently, our relationship with friends also distanced and stretched.

Actually, this is quite a natural thing. Considering that in this uncertain condition, we or friends may only focus on taking care of and living their respective lives. Everyone must have needed time to deal with the changes over the past two years.

However, don't let the COVID-19 pandemic make your relationship with friends end, OK! Here are some tips that you can apply to strengthen friendships again. Come on, take a look!

Ask for news and Actively Listen

Few people tend to withdraw from friendships during a pandemic. This can be caused by many factors, such as losing a loved one, feeling burdened with daily life, and having difficulty communicating due to staying at home for too long.

If this happens to a friend, try to 'grab' them back by asking a few questions. Try asking how he is, his activities, and his feelings. Be an active listener, don't patronize, or interrupt the conversation. This little thing can show that you really care about your friend, not just curious about his life.

Give Help

When you know your friend is in trouble, try to reach out for help first. Because they may feel shy or embarrassed to ask for help. Nothing wrong with taking the initiative, right?

Apart from the above, you can also lend a simple help to a friend. Like buying her favorite food when she's sad, sending motivational words, or sending memes to brighten her day.

Pay Attention

It feels so good when someone remembers us. Agree?

The same goes with friends. Tell them that you are or even often think about them on the sidelines of everyday life. This makes them feel cared for.

You can send short but meaningful messages. For example, when you are listening to a song or watching a certain movie that reminds you of them.

Friends will feel that they are not alone, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. This can help rekindle your strained relationship.

Good luck!

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