Easily Entertained by Funny Memes? According to Studies Can Help Relieve Stress, You Know!

 There are a lot of funny memes on social media, which will most likely make you smile and laugh out loud! Not even a few seem to auto save these funny memes on their cellphones, so they can be seen and laughed again.

If you are one of those who often do, this is a cheap and effective way to relieve stress, you know!

This is evident in research published in the American Psychological Association which examined 748 people. In short, researchers measured the participants' levels of stress and nervousness.

Laughing often can burn body fat without having to

Then the researchers showed plain text and no images, as well as memes related to COVID-19. As a result, those who saw the meme had more positive emotions than those who didn't. Stress levels also subsided.

Well, quoting from the Independent, according to Professor Jessica Gall Myrick, a principal researcher from Pennsylvania State University, found that just looking at three memes can help people cope with the stresses of life during a global pandemic.

Not Only Relieve Stress, But Also Feel More Confident

Myrick also added that this meme about covid-19 could help someone to be more confident in their ability to deal with the pandemic.

As we know, the pandemic itself is one of the moments that burdens almost all levels of society.

Even so, if you feel your stress level has reached a level that interferes with daily activities, then seeking help from professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists can be considered.

In addition, it is important not to easily self-diagnose (self-diagnose) from various readings that you find on the internet, because this will actually end up endangering yourself.

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