Don't take it easy! This is the important reason 'sex education' needs to be taught from an early age


ex education should be instilled in children from an early age, when children begin to dare to ask questions related to sexuality. Parents can do education starting from the most basic things, such as the introduction of intimate organs and their functions without shame.

Because it's not something to be ashamed of. Here are the reasons why sex education is important from an early age. Read more here!

1. Preventing the Development of Negative Thoughts in Children

Sex education is not only about having sex but also about the physical and emotional changes that will occur during puberty. The main reason why sex education needs to be done early on is so that children are not surprised and can understand and accept the changes they experience such as physical and emotional changes.

2. So That They Have Self Integrity

The purpose of sex education from an early age is also so that children grow up to be quality young people who have integrity. So that they have a better understanding of information about sex, health and reproductive development. In addition, the relationship and boundaries between men and women must be considered as well as safe boundaries that must be maintained.

3. Increase Confidence in Socializing

Another goal of the importance of sex education from an early age is to foster self-confidence in children. If he can take good care of himself and understand the boundaries that can and should not be violated then he will still feel safe and comfortable while hanging out.

4. Prevent Unhealthy Curiosity

An equally important reason for the purpose of early sex education is to be able to eliminate unhealthy curiosity about information about sex. Because, in this modern era, children can easily access anything on the internet. The influence of the internet and the social environment has a big role in accessing adult content that should not be watched.

5. Affecting Children's Lives as Teens

Providing education about sex from an early age will also affect his life as a teenager. If children are not given education about sex from a young age, it is possible that children will fall into negative things, especially promiscuity because they are blind about sexual education.

Well, that's the reason for the importance of sex education from an early age, because this is also an important thing to pay attention to in order to grow positive generations who understand sexual education. Because, if since childhood they have provided positive education about sex, it is hoped that when they are teenagers, children will be able to take care of themselves and limit their social environment and be able to distinguish between good and bad things.

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