Do you often feel guilty about your partner? Don't Be a Victim of Emotional Violence in Your Relationship!

 Emotional abuse is one of the most difficult types of violence to recognize in a relationship. Because basically, someone who tends to hurt their partner emotionally usually shows concern from the start.

However, this attentional treatment is usually only temporary. In the future, the perpetrator will look for various ways to show emotional violence. Come on, learn the signs that you are a victim of emotional abuse in the following relationships before you look for the right solution.

1. Feel Guilty When Your Partner Blames You

The first signs that you are a victim of emotional abuse are when your partner often blames you or accuses you of problems. Even though something bad has happened to him, he tends to blame you for what happened to him.

He also tends to say things like "Why didn't you remind me?" or "Am I not enough for you?"

2. Don't Want To Talk About Relationships

If you're one of those who rarely want to open up about your future or current relationship, then this is a signal that you want to avoid a problem for reasons you don't want to share.

This is a sign that you are a victim of emotional abuse in which you feel ashamed, and convince yourself that if you don't talk about it, then no one will know.

3. Not Hesitating to be Humiliated in Public

Your partner may have made harsh or critical comments that were seen as jokes. When you are offended, then you are considered too sensitive.

Although these words are humorous, and demeaning to someone, he also does not hesitate to say it in front of others. So, this is a sign that in the future he will not respect you in public. You should also be honest with him that this behavior is very annoying.

4. Doubt Yourself

Emotional abuse can strike anyone in a relationship. Maybe you were a confident person before. Over time, you feel that this self-confidence diminishes because you are not appreciated by your partner.

Then, you also end up lowering yourself and consider yourself unworthy of him. This shows that you are a victim of emotional abuse, irritated by a partner who is overly critical, often blames you, and has high expectations of you.

5. Feeling Deserved of Ignoring As Punishment

Your partner may often blame you, and punish you by keeping you quiet for a while. He won't listen to what you have to say, even refuses to spend time with you.

He also emphasizes that you should be given a distance for a while. So, you also feel isolated but tend to justify your partner's treatment because you feel you deserve to be "punished".

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