Confused How to Deal with Narcissistic Coworkers? Follow These 5 Tips for Dealing With It!

 Do you have coworkers who condescend and blame for things you didn't do? Or even to the point of spreading lies about you at work? Maybe your coworker is a narcissist! They will do anything to appear better than others even if they have to trap their own comrades.

Dealing with narcissists is not an easy matter, because they can bring you down at any time. There is no need for conflict to make them attack you, in fact they will make you feel uncomfortable just because they are not getting satisfactory praise from you.

This of course is not only draining, but can also endanger your position if you are not able to deal with them properly. For that, you must be prepared by knowing tips for dealing with narcissistic coworkers so that your performance is not disrupted. Come on, check out the tips below!

Always Document Work Just in Case

Always make sure that you record every agenda, process, and result that you have worked on in the office. Document as much detail as possible so they can't claim your work for the attention of superiors.

This record can also be strong evidence to defend yourself if there is a dispute with a coworker in the future. If you must work with a narcissist on a project, set clear boundaries for each assignment as well as the expected outcome. By making sure everything is structured from the start, your coworkers are less likely to sabotage.

Never Tell Personal Things

If you find narcissistic signs in coworkers, limit your interactions with them. Never talk about personal things and don't talk too much about your negative opinion about the work environment.

A narcissist can easily use your weaknesses to bring you down and take advantage of them. They don't hesitate to lie to achieve their goals, let alone attack you with things you did say. Talking as needed and only related to work is the safest step you can take.

Make Sure There's Always Another Neutral Co-worker in the Team

If you have to work with a narcissist on a team, make sure there are other coworkers who can give you an objective view. If necessary, you can specifically ask your boss at least one person as a third party.

This is necessary in case there is a difference of opinion or other things beyond expectations. Narcissistic coworkers don't hesitate to always lie and twist facts to save themselves. If this is the case, a third coworker will assist you in verifying the actual facts.

Keep Calm When They Provoke Conflict with Drama

Narcissistic recovery therapist Angel J. Storm, Ph.D., explains in a YouTube video titled "How to Deal with a Narcissist at Work" that narcissists derive satisfaction from the conflict they involve. When someone gets emotional in their drama, a narcissist feels they have managed to dominate and that's how they get a boost of energy. They always want to be the center of attention in any way.

Therefore, do not rush into emotions if you are involved in a dispute with a narcissist. Keep facing it with a cool head and focus on the middle ground that can be taken. If you have to involve your superiors, don't forget to invite eye witnesses and bring the necessary documentary evidence to corroborate your opinion.

Stay Focused on Work

Never let your guard down on whatever your narcissistic partner is trying to do. If you can't avoid them, then make sure you set clear boundaries about when you will communicate with them and in what ways.

Arrange your work agenda as detailed as possible and do it as disciplined as possible. This will make it difficult for your narcissistic partner to interrupt your agenda. Stay focused on what you are doing and let them live in their own world.

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