Check Before Going Any Further, Here Are 5 Signs Your Partner Is Potentially Violence In Your Relationship

 Violence in relationships is the toughest problem that must be faced, mostly on the part of women. The romance at the beginning of the relationship is slowly replaced with feelings of pressure due to the 'complicated dramas' created by the couple.

Shows a figure of 79% of cases of violence against women, occurring in the realm of relationships, both marriage and lovers.

Not only physically speaking, mental and emotional health can also be disrupted due to acts of violence that are often perpetrated by partners. Relationships are no longer healthy and are only filled with coercion and pressure.

To protect yourself, you need to know some habits that indicate potential for violence in a relationship. Here we have summarized 5 habits of couples that can lead to violence.

1. Your partner is in too much control of your life

The love that was originally so great turned into an excessive fear of losing you. All kinds of ways are willing to be done to maintain your presence in relationships, not to mention regulating your life unnaturally.

Not a form of love, but the possessive attitude of a partner can gradually turn into an unhealthy threat to the continuity of the relationship. So that your personal sphere and decisions for your own life will never be seen and appreciated by your partner again.

It is possible that your partner will commit acts of violence to force you to follow the rules he made, in the future.

2. Often Yells at You

Already being careful with your words, but your partner keeps yelling at you, even yelling at you in public?

Reporting from the Very Well Mind page, the habit of shouting shows a person's way of showing power so that he looks superior to others. This action is done to control and intimidate the partner, to do whatever is asked.

This habit can certainly cause fear and feelings of depression in you. The longer, the romance becomes unbalanced because the partner is in control of the relationship which ultimately forces you to always obey.

3. Manipulating the Truth

Another bad habit that can be seen from violent behavior is the habit of distorting facts. When they feel disappointed, they will show exaggerated reactions such as sadness, pressure to severe stress with the aim of making you feel guilty.

As reported by the Bustle page, manipulative actions carried out in relationships become a form of emotional violence that brings many bad effects for couples. They purposely make their partner doubt the truth about themselves.

4. Don't want to be blamed

Always feeling right about everything usually makes them not accept criticism and rebuttal from other people or their partners. It doesn't matter whether the actions taken are good or not, they will try to defend themselves and even pass the blame on others.

It will seem normal at first, but over time it is this attitude that leads your partner to violence. They will do anything, even violence, to stay on top of you.

5. Excessive Mood Swing

Excessive changes in your partner's mood become a red flag in itself that you must be aware of.

Launching from the Bride page, psychologist John Gottman said that a person's inability to control his mood can turn into a threat of violence in the future. The relationship has the potential to be unhealthy, because it continues to be disturbed due to sudden mood swings.

John Gottman also revealed, abusers will give many gifts to their partners after being angry for no reason, only to be accepted back and forgiven. It is possible, he will take more severe actions when his mood is disturbed.

If you find some of the habits above in your partner, it's a good idea to think again!

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