Be humble to skyrocket, these are 5 ways to deal with friends who like Humble Bragging

 Have you ever heard a friend who often complains but slips a sentence as if they are bragging? For example, "I was praised by my superiors even though the presentation was just ordinary" or "Many clothes are too big because I get thin so fast." Humble to skyrocket, this behavior is known as humble bragging.

Humble bragging is a term for someone who actually wants to brag in a humble way. Humble bragging can be identified as a "complaint" which is actually arrogance. Whether it's body image, money, fame, or recognition.

A recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, shows that people choose modesty to skyrocket in an attempt to impress others. Then what if you have a friend who likes humble bragging? Come on, see how to deal with it!

Switch Topic

Ask to change the subject or switch it up. You can also show who you are to friends through the topic of conversation.

Show that you are not someone who judges someone or admires them for money, body shape or fame. On the other hand, you can be comfortable and judge someone by their good personality.

Give Empathy

You can understand the complaints your friends tell. Then, if you are able to identify emotional triggers, you can separate yourself from the negative feelings that will inevitably arise when your friend is humble bragging. By empathizing with your friends' complaints, you can train yourself to be more appreciative of the struggles that every human being has.

Provide Solution

You can try to provide a solution. For example, when your friend complains that his car tire is leaking so he has to take public transportation which makes him uncomfortable, you can provide a solution by telling him that there are other public transportation options that are more comfortable and safer.

Or in another situation, if your friend is satisfied with the value of his course that gets an A even though he doesn't study well, invite him to study hard so that he can maintain the A grade.

Keep Confident

It could be that you will feel intimidated because of the ways and things that are discussed by friends who are humble bragging. As a result, you can feel inferior or end up comparing yourself to friends.

Believe that you are worthy and remember the achievements that have been achieved. Don't let your confidence go away, OK?

Leave and Choose Another Friend

Everyone needs compassion, but not everyone needs to be friends. It's okay to go and pick another friend who doesn't like humble bragging. You don't have to put up with people who like to be humble to skyrocket.

Appreciating the achievements is okay, but complaints that are inserted with the aim of boasting may make other people disrespectful. Always balance self-confidence, achievement and empathy for others, yes!

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