Be careful putting your heart, these are 4 signs your partner is a bad influence in your life!


When you are in a relationship with someone, it feels like love doesn't always run smoothly. In it must be faced with various kinds of problems and problems. One of them is if the partner itself slowly brings an unhealthy influence in the relationship.

Makes you an angry person, for example, away from your family, damages your personality, and influences other things. Even though everyone wants to get a partner who can make themselves better. So, here are some signs that your partner is a bad influence on your life. Let's listen!

1. Keep you away from your dreams or ideals

The first sign that your partner is having a bad or toxic influence on your relationship is that he or she is keeping you away from the dreams or goals you want to pursue. In fact, if the partner is a supportive person, he will try to support your every step, support the dreams you are pursuing, and help you stay motivated.

On the other hand, if he's been trying to demotivate you, limiting you from exploring new things for no apparent reason, it's a sign that he has an unhealthy influence.

2. Keep You From Your Own Family

Hey, who's this if you're already busy with someone, so you forget everything? Every day they spend time together, they think it's just dating, so they spend time together. Hmmm, having a relationship is okay, but it would be a mistake if you overdo it and let him control your life too much.

Because if that's the case, you will definitely be far away from your family, don't have time to just quality time together, and so ignore your own parents. There's nothing wrong with having a relationship, the important thing is that it's appropriate.

3. Change Your Personality For The Worse

In addition to the two things above, the next sign is changing your personality for the worse. Usually you don't feel the change yourself, but the people around you feel it.

For example, since going out with him you often get angry, go out at night unclear, so you dare to be with your parents, money runs out just for him, and so on. So if there are friends who remind you of a change in attitude, don't get angry right away, it can be material for self-introspection.

4. Your partner is in too much control of your personal life

You feel your relationship with your partner is very tiring. Yes, how can someone not just control your life excessively, regulate this and that, often trigger fights, surely over time you will tire yourself out of this relationship.

Never mind if you feel your partner is a toxic figure, it's better to just end your relationship. Because if you continue, you will lose and regret later.

Those are the beuaties signs that your partner is a bad influence on your life. So be careful in putting your heart and feelings, because the wrong location can be damaged.

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