Allegedly to be one of the reasons for the feud between Zayn Malik and in-laws, this is the danger of posting photos of children on social media

 Recently the world was shocked by the news of the separation of Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid. It is suspected that the separation of the two couples was caused by Gigi's mother, Yolanda.

Many speculate that one of the reasons is that Yolanda interfered in their domestic relationship and violated the boundaries of privacy. It is known that Yolanda often uploads photos of her granddaughter to social media, even though Zayn and Gigi have been very careful about their baby's privacy.

Happy with the child's growth and development, it's no wonder parents want to share the moment on social media. If done occasionally, it may not be a problem.

However, there is a danger that lurks if you post photos of your child too often on social media. Come on, see the explanation!

Violating Children's Privacy

According to Dewi Widya Ningrum, who actively helps the campaign for the Healthy Internet program initiated by ICT Watch, posting photos of children to social media means recording their digital footprint.

One day, when children enter school, they may not want their pictures of them as babies or in diapers perched online and seen by their friends. This makes them feel ashamed, exploited and their privacy has been violated.

Increasing the Risk of Child Trafficking

Even if parents upload photos of their children to social media with the aim of sharing happiness or as a memento, this can be used by irresponsible parties for bad things. One of them is child trafficking.

Not infrequently we see cases of celebrity children's photos uploaded by irresponsible persons on child trafficking accounts on social media. This can be a consideration for parents to be more careful when giving exposure to their children.

Personal Information Can Be Abused

Not only photos, sometimes parents also share various personal information of children on social media. Starting from full name, date of birth, weight, to location.

In this fast-paced and sophisticated digital era, this can endanger the safety of children. When we share photos or information on social media, we can no longer control their use.

Other people can easily access, copy, or use the photos and personal information for purposes that can harm the owner of the photo. Examples include identity theft to kidnapping.

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