Achievements Continue to Rise, Try to Follow Fengsui Rules to Arrange the Position of the Study Table

Success is not completely determined by values. However, the value of studying shows your seriousness in carrying out your obligations at school or college. Of course, the process of getting good grades requires extra effort. Avoid being lazy so that the target value of your dreams is immediately achieved, yes.

Not only the spirit of learning, proper facilities are also needed to support concentration. In fact, the placement of learning facilities also affects achievement, you know. Feng Shui science advises you to arrange the position of the study table so that it is easy to absorb knowledge. Launching from Tilen Space, here are the table position rules that you can follow.

Study Desk Facing the Door

Maybe you've been familiar with the arrangement of a European-style study table facing the wall. Well, according to the science of feng shui, this arrangement even interferes with learning concentration, you know.

The reason is, curiosity when someone approaches the door of the room even disrupts concentration. Just put the study table facing the door so you don't have to wonder who's approaching the door anymore.

If facing a wall, make sure there is a window in front of it

There are also types of study desks that need to be attached to the wall in order to be used. This model study table usually does not require table legs. Well, if you have this type of study table, just install it close to the window. The fresh air that flows directly through the window will give you an extra boost.

Put Plants Near the Study Desk

Placing live plants next to your study table can improve your mood so that you keep your spirits up. Feng shui science itself believes that plants are a source of life energy that needs to be reproduced in the house.

The fewer objects on the study table, the higher

The study table should not be too crowded from less important objects. The fewer items on the table, the easier it will be for you to concentrate. Feng shui science advises you to clean the table as often as possible so that it is free from dust that blocks good energy.

Paint the Study Desk with a Certain Color

The brown study table does provide peaceful energy so that the learning process can be calmer. You can actually change the color with black or gray paint if you want a sharper concentration. These two colors are believed to provide a very high learning energy.

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