6 Facts about Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Lewd Behavior Included!


Did you know that women are also vulnerable to being victims of sexual harassment in the workplace? The form can be in the form of behavior that demeans women through perspective, naughty whistles, body movements, showing pornographic images, stealing kisses, touching body parts, to raping.

So although it tends to be crowded by many employees, in fact the work environment is also not a safe place for women. Because the perpetrators come from fellow employees or work superiors.

You must know! This is a collection of interesting facts about sexual harassment in the world of work .

1. The Number of Perpetrators of Harassment in the Workplace is Rising

According to report, the number of sexual harassment by perpetrators of work superiors was recorded as 91 cases, where in the previous year there were 55 cases.

That is, the increase in the number shows that the courage of the victim is increasing to report his superiors as perpetrators.

2. Sexual Harassment Occurs Due to Abuse of Power

Sexual harassment in the workplace occurs when men abuse the power they have as superiors. For example by leaders, supervisors, foremen, technicians, security guards or employees.

You can identify potential sexual harassment in the workplace when you encounter these characteristics of situations:

Employees are required to tolerate sexual harassment in exchange for a job, a raise, a promotion or avoiding punishment.

Unfriendly/intimidating work environment that can interfere with employee performance.

3. Workplace Conditions Become a Strategic Environment

In fact, workplace conditions can provide a great opportunity for perpetrators of sexual harassment. For example, through the arrangement of women's seating positions that make it easy for perpetrators to monitor them. In addition, harassment is also more common in dark, lonely, and unattended night situations.

4. Sexual Harassment Experienced by Junior Female Workers

Young female workers are relatively often victims of sexual harassment because they still depend a lot on male employees for job support. Not infrequently junior workers are also seen as sex objects and are considered not daring to be assertive.

5. Victims don't dare to report for fear of impacting their careers

Victims of harassment in the workplace are more difficult to refuse, avoid, seek help or report than it is in public places. What are their reasons?

The victim's dependence on the continuity of work and income plays an important role. It can be in the form of risk of losing a job/promotion/raise increase, fear of tarnishing his good name, fear of being ostracized, fear of not being helped when in trouble at work, possibly being slandered back, and fear of being threatened.

It seems that victims find it harder to bear the social consequences, rather than the sexual and psychological consequences they experience.

6. Lewd behavior is considered a joke

Some fellow employees, some women may consider lewd acts by male employees as a natural thing to increase intimacy, just joking or to relieve fatigue.

If the women feel irritated, uncomfortable, disturbed, and horrified, they are even considered to be pretentious by the perpetrators and other employees.

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