5 Small Things That Can Ruin Friendships, Don't Do It!

 Friendship is one of the most valuable things in our life. A friend will always be there to accompany us in good and bad times. He also supports us to always be better.

Reporting from Very Well Mind, spending time with friends can bring pleasure so that it reduces the stress we experience. No wonder, friends become one of the most important people who must be taken care of.

For that, we must appreciate and maintain the friendship we have as well as possible. Don't let our friendship be damaged because of trivial things that we later regret. What are the little things you should avoid? Check out the following explanation!

1. Lack of Communication

It is undeniable that healthy and smooth communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Friendship requires healthy interactions in order to learn from each other and get to know each other on a deeper level.

Reporting from Betterhelp, without sufficient communication we will not be able to successfully meet each other's needs. Your busy schedule may make it difficult for you to find time to hang out with your best friend. Although it is understandable, as much as possible remember to contact and meet your best friend so as not to get further away from him.

2. Reluctant to Apologize

Every relationship is bound to experience conflict and problems. In fact, sometimes problems are triggered only based on small things, such as lateness, unfulfilled promises, or forgetting something.

But unfortunately, because of things that seem trivial, we often forget to apologize to our friends. Finally, the relationship is left awkwardly in silence. Small problems piled up can become a ticking time bomb in the future. For that, get used to yourself to sincerely apologize for the mistakes you made.

3. Not Responsive

You just talk without listening to your friends? Or do you often lack sympathy in responding to the story, even just comparing the problem with yours? If you often do these things, then your friendship can become fragile and even damaged one day.

An ideal friendship requires healthy communication between the two. Reporting from Psychology Today, this communication includes oral skills, listening skills, the ability to understand expressions and body language, to the ability to respond well.

4. Judging

Sometimes we feel so close to someone that we don't hesitate to judge them carelessly. According to the Sheer Balance page, judgment in friendship can undermine the spirit, confidence, and sense of trust in each other.

Realize that you and your best friend may have different perspectives. What you think is true, may not necessarily be true according to him. This is normal and you have to be open minded to accept it. Judging him carelessly is not the right thing to do.

5. No Initiative

Any relationship requires initiative between both parties. If you are reluctant to take the initiative and are just waiting to be invited, gradually you may lose your best friend.

We can't just sit idly by and think best friends won't go away. Remember that a good relationship requires a balanced interaction so that no one feels like they are trying to be alone.

So, those are the five little things that can ruin your friendship. Let's keep it healthy!

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