5 Risks that Need to be Accepted When Having a Too Friendly Partner, One of them is Often Jealous!


Having a friendly partner sometimes makes us feel sad for some things in life, especially having many friends of the opposite sex. Sometimes his humble nature makes us often feel jealous over various things.

Even though you know that your partner loves you, of course sometimes worry comes to you when you find out that your partner is a friendly person. This is the risk if you have a friendly girlfriend, let's see the full information below!

1. Friendly and Kind to Everyone

The first thing you need to know when you have a friendly partner. You have to remember that he will be kind and friendly to everyone. Even sometimes his attitude to you and to other people you can't see the difference.

2. Have Many Friends of the opposite sex

The risk if you have a friendly boyfriend is that he must have a lot of friends. Remember that you are his partner, you also need to know that he must have friends of the opposite sex.

You can't ask him to distance himself from his friends. Because, if you ask for it will definitely be difficult to do. So, you will often feel jealous if you see him with his friends.

3. You Can't Ask Him To Be Stupid

Friendly people are very friendly and adapt quickly. You need to know that he must have friends of the opposite sex. If you're the type of person who doesn't like your partner having lots of friends of the opposite sex, you better learn to understand them.

If you love him, you need to understand that you can't turn him into an indifferent person. So don't expect to change your partner's character if that's the case.

4. Tend to like to keep feelings

One thing a lot of people don't know or don't realize. This means that people who are humble and cheerful tend to have the deepest feelings for themselves. He looks extroverted, but he's not really open-minded.

Of course, the reason is that he doesn't want the people around him to know that he has a problem, is uncomfortable with something, or is in pain.

5. It's hard to refuse when someone is asked for help

You also need to know that friendly people are generally reluctant to refuse other people's requests for help. It is certainly good because it helps a lot of people and has a positive impact on the environment.

On the other hand, he is also unable to say “no” if there are people around him who ask for help. If you still have a friendly partner, you also have to accept his personal side that is uncomfortable.

Well, those are the 5 risks that you will experience if you have a friendly partner. However, of course you also have to learn to understand and understand your partner's personality.

Even though he is a friendly person, of course he still loves his partner in a different way. So don't worry too much. Hope it is useful!

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