5 Main Reasons Why Many Women Survive in Violent Households

 It is undeniable that cases of violence against women are one of the most common cases.

There has been an increase in Domestic Violence (KDRT) during the Covid-19 pandemic. The forms of domestic violence also vary, ranging from physical, sexual, psychological, to economic violence.

One of the reasons why this case is still common is because women are haunted by the doubts to speak up. Why would they hesitate to do that?

Check out the top 5 reasons why women survive in violent households below!

1. Fear of being left alone by Kara

The first reason women survive is the fear of being left alone. Women who are afraid of being abandoned are willing to do anything to be with their companions, even though they are perpetrators of violence.

Even though women are afraid of being left behind, this should not be used as an excuse to endure domestic violence!

2. Prioritizing Children's Interests

The reason women endure other violence is in the interests of the child. It is natural for them to sacrifice themselves to prioritize the interests of their children.

When as a couple they have to separate, then this shows that their child will lose a father figure. So, women also try to avoid this possibility so that they are forced to survive in violent households.

3. Confident That His Partner Can Change

It is undeniable that women always have hope in their partners that they can change. Because perpetrators of violence basically often apologize and admit that they will change, but in reality this is not the case.

They often manipulate their victims so that they can forgive themselves as the perpetrators of violence. Be careful if you notice your partner's behavior like this!

4. Fear of Other People's Views

Women who are victims of violence are haunted by fear of the judgment of others against themselves. He will certainly receive a lot of comments, criticism, and questions from people around him regarding the condition of his household, especially from his closest family and friends.

So, to avoid a series of comments, criticisms, and questions, women are forced to survive in their household environment which is full of violence. What should they do?

5. Thinking That His Treatment Is Fair

The reason women survive the latter is that they often feel that the violence they receive is normal because of the mistakes they have made. Women also tend to think that husbands have the right to beat their wives when their wives make mistakes. However, it is important to recognize that there are limits to violence.

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