5 Important Reasons to Get Married That You and Your Spouse Should Have, If You Don't Have One... Postpone!


Marriage is not an easy thing. Many things must be prepared well before marriage, including emotional and physical maturity.

Commitment before marriage is also very important, whether it is related to cooperation, conflict, goals, and others. But unfortunately there are still many who often ignore the reasons and important things before getting married.

Well, for those of you who have decided to get married, you must know some things that you must have together with your partner from before marriage. Very important, you know!

1. Can Support Each Other

Support is very important to keep the relationship alive. Just imagine if your partner doesn't care about what you do or maybe he always forbids your hobbies or work, of course you will feel pressured. Especially if you have to meet him every day, can you imagine how miserable you would be?

2. Want to grow and develop together

Relationships that are owned by two people who want to grow together generally tend to be more durable. This is because no matter how difficult the situation they face, they will not leave their partner, but want to learn together to be better.

3. Can Handle Conflict Well

It should be understood that no couple in this world is 100% compatible. So that the name conflict in the relationship will always occur.

That is why it is important for us to find a life partner who can be invited to handle conflict well. Not the one who runs away or disappears when there is a problem.

4. Have the same vision and mission

Everyone has different goals in life. But when you are under one roof, you and your partner must have the same vision and mission. This similarity is needed so that it is easier for both of you to make decisions in your household in the future.

5. Can Chat from Heart to Heart

You can chat with anyone, but to be able to have a heart-to-heart conversation, you need the right person. So, choose a partner who can fulfill this commitment. This is important because the name of the relationship definitely requires good communication at all times.

Those are 5 important commitments that you must have with your partner before marriage. This is so that no matter how big the marriage obstacles you face later, you can face them and get through them well.

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