4 Types of Violence against Women that Occur in Households, One of them is Forced to Earn a Live!


Violence often occurs against women. According to a finding, domestic violence is not only synonymous with treatment that causes physical harm. There are several types of violence. The following are the types of domestic violence that are often experienced.

1. Physical Violence

The first type of violence is physical violence. Physical violence is the most common in a household. The actions include slapping, hitting, kicking, grabbing, and strangling the limbs so that the life of the partner is threatened.

Not infrequently the perpetrators who commit a series of violence lock up their partners at home. The trigger for this action usually comes from alcohol and the use of illegal drugs.

2. Sexual Violence

The types of violence that occur in the household can also include sexual violence. The characteristics of your partner committing sexual violence are as follows: when he or she forces you to have sex that you don't want to have, hurts you during sexual intercourse, forces sexual intercourse without using contraception, and so on.

Usually the perpetrator will tend to apologize and promise not to do it again. However, this is an empty promise because it is very likely that he will commit acts of violence again. So, professional help is needed.

3. Emotional Violence

This type of violence is usually hidden because it does not result in physical harm. However, the actual form is shown through the behavior of partners who like to issue harsh words. His words are in the form of threats, manipulation, intimidation, or criticism that are too excessive and inappropriate.

According to a psychologist, someone who experiences emotional violence will usually lose confidence and tend to hate himself, because he feels that he is not worth it. So, they lose their motivation to live. When they feel like it, first aid must be given immediately so that it doesn't end in a fatal incident, namely suicide.

4. Financial Violence

The last type of violence is financial violence. This type of violence is carried out in the form of manipulating or controlling a partner with the aim of obtaining financial gain. The simplest examples are stealing a spouse's property secretly, or forcing a spouse to work to earn a living.

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