3 Ways to Build Good Relationships Amid Many Differences, Make Life Calmer!


When we hear the word 'tolerance' we always think of respecting different races and perhaps cultures. However, the diversity is much wider. Diversity crosses all aspects of our lives and plays an important role in everyday life, one of the simplest examples being when we have to respect differences of opinion.

Research shows that in a diverse work group results in more cognitive processing and more information exchange. Diversity brings new ideas and experiences, and people can learn from each other. Bringing different ideas and perspectives leads to better problem solving.

There are many aspects of culture such as language, traditions, norms, beliefs and customs. Regardless of the culture, good interactions with people who are different from us are built on respect, trust, and the ability to communicate effectively.

Here's how to build good relationships with people who are different from us. Let's listen!

Strive to Know and Understand

Don't assume. When you're just getting to know new people, or even when you feel like you're already close to your friends, you don't fully know who they are and understand what they're thinking. For that, try to try to know and understand it.

Because if you have understood their character, it will be easy for you to take a stand when interacting with people who you think are different from yourself, without offending or even hurting each other's feelings.

Keep an Open Mind

One way to appreciate differences is to avoid stereotypes. Diversity includes gender, race, sexual orientation, country of origin, and includes people who think differently from you. When you find the difference, try not to judge.

However, try to be a person with an open mindset. Being an open-minded person means that you are willing to admit that you don't know everything and it's not just about you and your views that you think are correct. You also have to accept the possibility that you too may be wrong.

Meaning of Tolerance

The disturbing stereotypes, prejudices, and discriminations in society arise when people fear difference. According to Mari Carmen Bennasar, PsyD, Lucero Latino Mental Health Program Director, in a global economy, diversity is a given and cultural awareness is essential.

Diversity is a mosaic of people whose diverse backgrounds, styles, perspectives, values ​​and beliefs can be an asset to the groups, organizations and communities in which we live.

Therefore, when people respect each other's differences, they will value diversity. Mutual respect also prevents stereotypes, racism, and builds awareness of unity in diversity.

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